"La Força Vella" a mighty fortress, built in the first century by the Romans, well protected by walls and cobbled streets. It is the first exhibition in the city, still perceptible.
In the "La Força Vella", the Cathedral, built between the XI and XVIII centuries, from the Romanesque through Baroque included the great Gothic nave (s. XV-XVI) is that with 23 m width is the widest Gothic vaulted space in the world. The Cathedral of San Felix, with its slender steeple and remarkable works of art inside.
The Jewish Quarter, one of the best preserved Jewish quarters in the world and a clear demonstration of the significance of the Jewish culture in Girona. The Arab Baths, a Romanesque building (s. XII), has the most impressive elements in the entrance, the dome on slender columns and capitals beautifully ornamented covering the central pool.

Girona offers spectacular views of streets and, above all, the facades of the houses of the Onyar, the river running through the city, painted in bright colors that make up the most emblematic image of Girona.
Rambla de la Llibertat, gorgeous elongated beside the river Onyar whose characteristic feature vault, uneven porches low arches and is the commercial center of Girona and leisure space.