06 Abr 2020
Four golf books

We're still at home, but that doesn't mean we're giving up on our favourite sport. If you have already seen the four golf documentaries we recommended a few days ago, today we bring you four golf books to spend these days closer to the course.

All these books are available in physical format or in Kindle format, so you can start reading them right away from any device with the Amazon Kindle app.


1. The Big Miss: My years coaching Tiger Woods (Hank Haney)

The writer of this book, Hank Haney, accompanied Tiger Woods for six years as a coach. During those six years when Woods won six major championships, Haney lived with him on and off the course to detect what was wrong with the player besides his technique. A very revealing book about the player, which will allow us to know him much better and understand what all happened in the first decade of this century.

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2. Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump (Rick Reilly)

Rick Reilly claims that "golf reveals a lot about a man." That is why this renowned sports writer, after going out to play with Donald Trump many times and analyzing his game, narrates in this book many of the anecdotes he has lived sharing hours on the course with the president of the United States. In this book, Reilly develops how Trump cheats shamelessly playing golf, lies about his cheating, and even sues his accuser and benefits from it.

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3. The Greatest Game Ever Played: A True Story (Mark Frost)

In this book Mark Frost tells the story of Francis Ouimet, a young man who in 1913 worked as a caddy at the golf club in front of his house in Brookline, where he learned to play, and where he ended up playing in the U.S. Open. The surprise came when he won the title against all odds, beating two of the best players in the world. A tale of a true story that, more than a century later, is still remembered.

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4. Golf for Dummies (Gary McCord)

Gary McCord, with two PGA Tour championships won behind him, develops in this book the basics of golf for beginners. From tricks to throwing the ball further or making a hole in less shots, this book from the "Para Dummies" collection is a fantastic introduction to the sport to lay the basics of golf.

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