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The history of this club began when a group of five forward-looking business owners: Juan José Calderón, Manuel Carol, Santiago Fisas, Xavier Millet and Antoni Vila Casas, joined forces in 1988 to buy a plot of land known as "Mas Nou" in the municipality of Gualta and commissioned the renowned North American architect Robert von Hagge to design the Empordà Golf Club. 

Soon after, the five founders were joined by sixty new members and inspired with a vision to build one of the best golf courses in Spain. Between 1990 and 1996, 36 holes were created on 125 hectares of land, with two 18-hole courses - Links and Forest - which allow up to 6 different courses to be combined. The most renowned and first course to be inaugurated is known as the "Old Course" which combines the first 9 holes of the Links with the first 9 holes of the Forest. These nice courses have been the setting for many prestigious tournaments, recently Challenge Tour Empordà and Challenge Tour Costa Brava.

Motivated to continue building the club’s reputation, a bid was made for Empordà Golf to host the 1997 Ryder Cup, the first to be held on European soil, but the opportunity to host was ultimately awarded to Real Club Valderrama.


Over time, the economic needs of the resort increased which led the founders to progressively hand over control of the club to Promociones Habitat who had completed course construction in 1996. Promociones Habitat would go on to complete the Club House in 1997, the apartments in 2000, and finally the Terraverda Hotel in 2006 which was designed by award-winning architect Carles Ferrater, winner of several FAD prizes, who developed the project in collaboration with the architectural firm Martí & Sardà..

In parallel to the development of the club, Promociones Habitat began the urbanization and marketing of Las Mironas in 2003. Although the apartments and houses are now completely independent of the club, they are united by a strong spirit of cooperation with the common goal of maintaining the unique beauty of the site they share. 

In January 2019, following Emilio Cuatrecasasas's newly-discovered passion for golf, Emesa Corporación Empresarial acquired ownership of the complex and began work to enhance and refurbish all of the club's elements, many of which are still in progress today and can be seen throughout the Club House, shop, restaurant, hotel and both golf courses. 

The life of von Hagge

Born in Texas in 1927 and died in 2010, Robert von Hagge has left his mark on more than 250 golf courses around the world, including The Club at Emerald Hills (Hollywood), Doral "Blue Monster" (Miami), Boca Rio (Boca Raton), TPC Prestancia, Torreon Golf Club, The Woodlands TPC (Texas), Walden on Lake Conroe (Texas), The Cliffs (Texas), Buenos Aires Golf Club (Argentina), La Costa (California), Bosque Real (Mexico City), Les Bordes (France), Le Golf National (Paris) 2018 Ryder Cup venue, Kawaguchi-ko CC (Japan). Empordà Golf Club was the first one he designed in Spain together with his collaborators Mike Smelek and Rick Baril.

Von Hagge was born literally on a golf course and his life was linked to this industry and sport from a very early age, going through all stages of golf, caddie, caddie master, course, maintenance and professional player, becoming a member of the PGA Tour. He became a golf course architect after obtaining his degree at Purdue. He then began his career with renowned architect Dick Wilson, collaborating on the design of 40 golf courses, until 1963 when he decided to start his firm. He never hid his original vision: to make it enjoyable for players to walk between shots.

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