Anti-COVID security protocols

In this unprecedented situation that we are living in, we believe that it is necessary to take care of our clients and collaborators more than ever, we want to share with you all those measures that we are implementing to guarantee the maximum security within our Resort; both in the Hotel, Club House and in our wonderful Golf Courses. Thus, our top priority is to ensure the safety and well-being of our team and, of course, of our guests.

Empordà Golf Club -EGC- is an example in terms of prevention, applying strict safety and hygiene measures, as well as action protocols that have allowed us to turn our Resort into a safe space, following the instructions and preventive recommendations dictated by the authorities.

Our aim is to ensure strict compliance with these instructions, and we are also raising our standards in terms of safety, quality, health and hygiene, incorporating new rules and protocols. We have reinforced and increased the frequency and intensity of cleaning and disinfection work in all areas, especially those in common use.

All this is in order to maintain the excellence in product and service that characterises us. Our aim is that when they arrive at EGC, our clients find themselves in a safe, protected and cared for environment, just like in their own homes.

We have taken a series of very important measures to be able to carry out our work in a safe and reliable manner, and we want to make you aware of this so that you decide to live a fantastic experience at EGC with the best of guarantees.


1. Training for all staff on our prevention plan, both for employees and for our clients.


2. All our staff are dressed properly uniformed, changing when arriving and leaving the Resort facilities, as well as wearing their hair up and performing frequent hand hygiene, for 20 seconds each time with soap and water.


3. To avoid waiting times and the handling of documentation between the guest and the receptionist, we have implemented a check in with our pre-arrival software, thus speeding up the welcome process, and avoiding further contact.


4. We have adapted and expanded our cleaning and disinfection products: chlorinated products as the virus is deactivated after five minutes in contact with these disinfectant virucides.


5. Cleaning and change of Air Conditioning Filters in each room of all the facilities that make up the EGC, with a much higher frequency than usual. As well as the Legionella treatments carried out in a more exhaustive manner than has been the case up to now.


6. In-depth disinfection in both common areas and rooms: TV controls, telephone, switches, door/window/cabinet handles, hairdryers, taps, toilets, etc.


7. Removal of non-essential items from the rooms such as: decorative cushions, bed covers, stationery, etc.


8. Spraying of mattresses and pillows with specific disinfectant for professional use, as well as curtains, sofas, cushions, armchairs in rooms, common areas and Club House.


9. Exhaustive disinfection in the kitchens and the food storage areas.


10. Disinfection of buggies, trolleys and balls, before and after use, by Caddy Master staff.


11. Hotel and Club House bed linen and bath towels are always washed by the industrial laundry, guaranteeing the disinfection of the garments. This laundry is certified in accordance with the UNE-EN 14065 standard, which guarantees compliance with the processes, from the collection of used linen to the delivery of clean linen, in accordance with the most demanding cleaning and hygiene conditions.


12. The clothes and footwear sold in our Pro Shop are disinfected every time the customer tries them on.


13. Ventilation is essential to maintain the quality and safety of the air we breathe, so we have a ventilation protocol with all windows open for at least 30 minutes in rooms, 2 hours in hotel corridors / MICE rooms / members changing rooms / staff offices and an average of 5 hours in the common areas of Hotel and Club House.


14. We open room doors with disinfected contactless keys as they are delivered.


15. Protection of staff with masks, gloves and disinfectant gel.


16. Protective screens at reception desks in Hotel and Club House.


17. Automatic hydrogel dispensers in common areas and on each floor at the door of the lifts.


18. Housekeeping staff will not access the rooms while the client is inside them, except for justified cause, in which case the client must be provided with a mask.


19. Separation for customers when waiting and approaching Reception of 1.5m.


20. We encourage the use of credit cards to avoid the use of banknotes and coins, with no minimum to be able to make such payments.


21. Disinfection of the POS after each one in which there is contact.


22. In times of high occupancy, we adapt the breakfast timetable in order to control the capacity, with prior reservation to enjoy it.


23. Regulatory distance between tables.


24. Cutlery disinfected and bagged in napkins.


25. We encourage the Room-Service service for the peace of mind of our guests.


26. Maximum cleaning measures in our Fitness Centre, providing disinfectant product and disposable paper to be used in the machines, before and after use of the same.


27. The effective method to totally eliminate viruses and bacteria is the nebulisation of virucidal products. It allows the complete removal of viruses and bacteria from all surfaces and environments. For this purpose, we have individual fogging machines and facilitate their use in rooms.


28. Our Spa will remain closed for the time being, pending a new refurbishment.

We remind you that we are all obliged to move around the EGC facilities wearing a mask and performing frequent hand hygiene, with soap and water for 20 seconds each time, as well as drying our hands with disposable paper towels that you will find in all our Resort Toilets.

We would be delighted to receive feedback on our hygienic and sanitary preventive measures after you have stayed with us.
We thank you for your cooperation with Empordà Golf Club in implementing and respecting the measures indicated.

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